About Jen

About Jen

Over the past several years, I have been designing for many different aspects of design, including brochures, annual reports, booklets, signage, presentations, stationery, invitations, direct mail, and much more. This broad experience has given me an excellent understanding of what goes into making successful design and how all those pieces fit together to make an impact for a company/brand.

I excel at helping clients manage the process of creating ideas and developing them into useful end products. I work with clients to find the balance between what they want in the design and what they want to convey to their audience.

I started my journey in the design industry in 2003, when I enrolled in school at the Art Institute of Philadelphia learning the basics of graphic design. I went on to spend time creating designs for in various types of industries, such as advertising, branding, trade shows, non-profit, political campaigns, and in-house design. Currently, I am freelancing as a graphic designer for various companies in and around the Philadelphia area but I am always looking for a more creative and challenging role to further my career as a designer.

When I'm not designing I am usually:

  • Organizing or cleaning (It's so relaxing!)
  • Laying with my cat Tiny Triceratops
  • Word puzzles or Sudoku
  • Cooking
  • Riding my bike

Contact Information

Jennifer Franko Dudek